About us

  • About Us
    INKIELE, S.L. was born in 2002 in Socuéllamos, La Mancha, Spain focusing in SEMI-PRESERVED FISH, our goal is to bring to your table the best flavours of the seafood products that will awake all your senses, surprising you with their flavour, smell, taste, texture and freshness. This working philosophy leads our company to a steadily growing business turning to a wide spread presence in our domestic market.

    In order to archive this goal, we always look for the best quality-price ratio.

    We like to keep close contact with our clients and distributors on a daily basis, to ensure that we are always offering the freshest, healthiest, high quality products.
  • Our plant
    In the last few years, we have expanded our company premises up to 4500 m2, operating the state of the art technology for manufacturing and storing raw material and final product.

    The relevant combination between craftsmanship and product packaging high tech lead us to offer top quality product.
  • Quality and Environment
    In KIELE, we only elaborate with fresh, prime quality fish bought directly from Spanish fish markets and hand-prepared in the traditional way. We cut and clean piece by piece and we do our best to preserve, without chemicals, the best organoleptic qualities of the fish so that it maintains its best flavour till being at your table.

    KIELE in conformity with Regulation (EC) 853/2004, ensures treatment to prevent ANISAKIS.