• Anchodina

    The Anchodina is the loin of the sardine that is hand-cleaned, skinned and boned one by one before being seasoned and dried for a few days and preserved in oil. They are prepared in a similar way to the traditional anchovies but with a different taste and texture, a high yield and a more affordable price.

    With a similar color to the anchovy but brighter, its texture is meaty and firm.

    It has an elegant, delicious, taste with a nice salty touch.


    Anchodina is Gluten Free and Omega 3. It is an ideal snack for those who are concerned about their diet and health and want to lead a healthy life. It is considered as a delicacy with very high nutritional value, easily digestible and relatively low in calories.

    This product is often used as an appetizer and is ideal for tapas and salads. Its texture is firm, very tasty, with hints of anchovy.

    • Ingredients Ingredients

      Salted Sardines anchovy-like Sardine fillets, Sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil , salt y flavour enhancer (E-621).

    • Valor nutricional Nutrition facts per 100g

      • Energy Value 468Kj/112Kcal
      • Protein19,2g
      • Carbohydrats0,24g
      • Fat3,8g
    • Formats Formats

      Plastic Tray 800 g 2
      Plastic Tray 350 g 5
      Plastic Tray 180 g 8
      Plastic Tray 950 g 4
      Plastic Tub 350 g 12
      Plastic Tub 190 g 9
      Glass Jar 220 g 12