Marinated salmon

  • Salmón

    Marinated Salmon, prepared with top quality Norwegian salmon, naturally seasoned without preservatives or colorings.

    A health source that is rich in Omega 3.


    Loin Fillets of salmon are MARINATED, it is a technique which consists in soaking raw material in an aromatic sauce for a certain period of time so that it becomes more tender and aromatized.

    • Ingredients Ingredients

      Salmon loins, sunflower oil and salt.

    • Valor nutricional Nutrition facts per 100g

      • Energy Value912Kj/218Kcal
      • Protein21,1g
      • Carbohydrats0,45g
      • Fat14,60g
    • Formats Formats

      Plastic Tray 500 g 4
      Plastic Tray 350 g 5
      Plastic Tub 350 g 12