Salpicon - Sea salad

  • Salpicón

    Typical Mediterranean recipe that is characterized by its nutritional value because it does not add too many calories, it is rich in protein and low in fat.


    Seafood cocktail mixed with oil based sauce, pickled vegetables and dressed with our own recipe containing lemon juice, salt and spices.

    • Ingredients Ingredients

      Jumbo squid, Vegetable oils sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil), Mussels, Pickles (pickled onion, gherkins, green olives), red bell pepper, acidity regulator (E330).

    • Valor nutricional Nutrition facts per 100g

      • Energy Value468Kj/112Kcal
      • Protein19,2g
      • Carbohydrats0,24g
      • Fat3,8g
    • Formats Formats

      Plastic Tray 800 g 2
      Plastic Tray 350 g 5
      Plastic Tray 180 g 8
      Plastic Tub 950 g 4
      Plastic Tub 350 g 12
      Plastic Tub 190 g 9
      Glass Jar 220 g 12